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By YAK_Jayson
This thread is for posting those little "blink and you'll miss it" moments that show in the OT and OT:SE. If possible when posting, give photographic evidence/screen captures of the things you find.
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By YAK_Jayson
For those who didn't know, Chewie is shot on board the skiff during the sarlacc battle (00:33:20 in the film), Right after Han says, "Chewie, your head, where is it?" and right before Luke cutting the rope from Boba Fett.

Chewie with knee boo-boo

Then, when the Nikto is firing on the skiff as Han is trying to rescue Lando, Chewie can be seen sitting on his butt, grabbing his knee. (00:34:42)


Finally, you can see Han tending to Chewie wounds as Luke and Leia swing from the barge to the skiff. (00:36:28 )


I only recently discovered this, which surprisingly, still happens all these years later. 8)
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By Horse_Head
Wow... interesting stuff... good catch.
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By The Professor
I first noticed this a few years ago after thinking about Chewie's bandage in the sandstorm and reading in a few behind the scenes sources about the cut scene. It's one of those blink and you miss it kind of things. Supposedly, there are more cuts (i.e. more individual shots) in the sarlaac scene than there are in many full-length movies. It's intense!
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By Desfiy
Cool I didnt even realise this.
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By raziel
8) Seeing the new figures on the yaktoyguide made me start watching ROTJ again - I'm just at the scene mentioned above ..... it's amazing that after probably 16 years this escaped my attention - new question :wink:

The title "Return Of The Jedi" - do you think it means the return of
Luke: as a Jedi (as I always have until now)
the return of the Jedi to the galaxy
i.e starting with Luke now hes a knight?????

"The return of the king" is Aragorn in his rightful place i think -
Not a king that has been away in say the crusades but has returned.

Do you get what I mean guys?
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By The Professor
I think the title refers to at least two things:

1. The return of the Jedi order through Luke Skywalker.
2. The return of the former Jedi Anakin Skywalker
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By raziel
:P I never thought as it as Anakin! wow!
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By Incom
I was 9 when I first saw RotJ, it being my first SW movie and didn't realize back then what the Return of the Jedi precisely meant. But after having seen ANH and ESB later on VHS I could place RotJ much better. At first I thought Luke was the return of the Jedi, but the redemption scene with him and Vader made me realize it was actually Vader's redemption that meant the Jedi as a whole had returned.

On that scene with Chewie on the skiff: I always heard Han saying: "Chewie! You're hit!" and logically figured Chewie was hit indeed :wink:
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By Arc_Trooper77
raziel wrote::P I never thought as it as Anakin! wow!

Well, think about it.. Anakin was the "chosen-one." Who was deemed to bring balance to the force. In a way, he did, just the form in which the prophecy was read was incorrect.. He destroyed the force with the destruction of the Jedi Order.. but when he stood up beside Luke to defeat Palpatine, he brought balance to the force.. :wink:

As for the Chewie being wounded scene, that is SOMETHING! I've never noticed that.. :shock: I don't think I would even if I re-watched it right now.. :oops: :lol:
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By Darth Wolven
I watched ROTJ very recently, and for the first time I noticed a very odd and funny scene. When Lando, Nium Numb and some rebels are on the Falcon, and one of the rebels ships gets blown up by the second death star, I noticed that one of the rebel soldiers is either laughing or smiling at something at the most inappropriate moment. :lol:
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By JediLjf
I always thought of "Return of the Jedi" as Darth Vader returning back to Anakin Skywalker.

But I guess it could be return of the Jedi Order as a whole, but then I always think "Why doesn't it say "order" afterwards then?". Eh, I guess I'm a bit of an Anakin redemption fan though.
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By Paulskywalker
I think it is an all round title, it means the Jedi, Anakin and Luke.
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