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Hey everyone,

Ok, time to vote for another Group Project! Please refer to the Fall project (Shaak Ti) if needed.

Voting will take place until the end of May - it will end at 11:59 Eastern Time on Sunday, May 31. At that point the customizing madness will begin and customs will be accepted through the end of September.

Here are the choices:

1) TFU Secret Apprentice

You can create Galen Marek wearing ANY outfit from the game, EXCEPT for a version that Hasbro has already made (which are in the Evolutions 3-pk set).

Here's a couple examples of outfits not made by Hasbro thus far:





2) Darth Plagueis The Wise

The former master of Darth Sidious, mentioned in ROTS briefly. We know now that Darth Plagueis was a Muun, here is a pic for reference:


3) Ziro The Hutt

This "interesting" character is from the new Clone Wars animated series. Fans seem divided on their approval of this character. For better or worse, I'd gander Hasbro does make him at some point. Here he is for reference:


4) Ashoka Tano

The charismatic apprentice to Anakin Skywalker in the Clone Wars cartoon, the only hitch here is this would need to be a REALISTIC style version of her, not a cartoon one. For reference, how she appears in the cartoon:


5) Gladiators from the Cauldron

Fans of the original Clone Wars cartoon series from 2003 will most likely remember the grand introduction of Asajj Ventress, who impressed Count Dooku by slaughtering the menacing creatures fighting for show. This category is open to ANY of the monsters/beasts/etc. fighting in the Cauldron:


Image Image Image

Alrighty - VOTE NOW!

Image Image Image Image Image

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By Sargent Fang
What about Pre ANH Storm Troopers?
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By DnJcustoms
Sargent Fang wrote:What about Pre ANH Storm Troopers?

I really like this idea. I haven't played TFU, but I have wondered a bit about what happened to the different GAR unit color schemes after the conversion from Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper. Someone recently posted a Stormtrooper version of Captain Fordo (one of my favorites) and I thought "what a great idea"! I can envision ST versions of:

Bacara (EVO Trooper)
Cody (Jump Trooper)
Gree (Scout Trooper) - yeah, he's too cool NOT to make, despite his death
Rex (Sandtrooper)

The list goes on and on...

Hell, if we don't use it here, I may just bring it up as a casting call over at FFURG...
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By YAK_Chewie
Pre-ANH Troopers is a very fun idea, part of me thinkgs it might make for a better Yakfinities though... usually the Group Projects are driven by a specific character with a reference pic.

Here's a couple other ideas of characters that definitely need an upgrade that Hasbro doesn't seem to be in that big of a hurry to make for us -

Ultimate ANH Grand Moff Tarkin


Ultimate ROTJ Admiral Ackbar


Ultimate Gamorrean Guard


By Robo-Quack
How about a Yakface update?
By Robo-Quack
I just got another idea!!!! How about Ackmena?
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By Captain Pierce
I would like the TFU apprentice in Raxus prime outfit, that is an awesome one.
By Luke Sprywalker
I like...
1 Yak Face update - better articulation and repaint. Sculpt if you want to.
2 Ultimate Gamorean - better articulation and repaint, or change up his gear
3 TFU Apprentice Raxus Prime - obvious
4 Darth Plagus the wise - parts swap and paint
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By Incom
Well, we kinda covered TFU with the Spring Project, and Plagueis is the Fall Project, right?

We already talked about Ackbar, which imho is still a very good choice. But mentioning the Gamorrean Guard makes me think that is even a better choice. Just like with Shaak Ti, we would have all kinds of different interpretations of him/her (never can tell....)

I'd say we go for PIIIIIIIGS IN SPAAAAAAAAACE! :wink: (as Jabba's Guards that is, please not as X-Wing pilots :) )
By Robo-Quack
AAAAHH!!!!!!!! Gamorrean Flu!
By Robo-Quack
Here's another about one of the gladiators in the original Clone Wars toon? Hasbro's probably never gonna make them, so we should give it a shot here!




There's even a Gamorrean among them:


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