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By Niktom
Great to work with. Remco was my first international transaction in years and everything went just as planned. Sell him your stuff! He needs it!

Incom gets a 5 out of 5!
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By jedistyle
just sold a custom to incom, as always a pleasure to deal with, he has great communication and always makes a super fast paypal payment! thanks a bunch incom! :D
By ratm
Quick to pay and a great guy. I would work with him in a heartbeat.
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By Niktom
I love taking Incom's money! Lightning fast payment and most excellent communication. Gotta dig around and find more stuff he can buy now!
By Darth Phantom
I had business with Remco just recently and got a lot of fodder parts in the mail today. Let me tell you that having business with Remco was a real pleasure, very easy to deal with and also provided tons of pics of stuff so that it was an easy pick and choose for me. The items I received are all in great condition and that really was a speedy shipping.

To everyone thinking about having business with Remco, let me tell you: do it. He is absolutely reliable and always helps as good as he can. Thanks a million for such a great opportunity, Remco.

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