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By YAK_Chewie
Distribution is so whacky... I have not bought a figure at Target since 2008, other than a comic pack or two. It's that bad at the Targets in the STL area. Unless of course you're into repack Legends figures and CW stuff. I've probably bought over 100 figures this year, all at Wal-Mart except for the occasional TRU purchase.

found this wave this week. picked em all up except obiwan. oddly enough he was the only one not on the shelfs. i got a jawa so i could complete the bad.
By tmoaswg
found a part of this wave at tru, but they only had obi wan,Clegg Holdfast, queen amidala, and sidious mechnochair so i was bummed because i really want to build this droid and queen amidala and mechnochair sidious were the only ones i dont want and want the repacks for
Finally! All I found are Queen Amidala and the jawa repack with the L8-L9 BAD part but I'll take it. There was a problem with the case I ordered online so I'm just going the retail route for these suckers. Amidala is a POTF2-ish figure but I love it anyway, very nice. I'm a sucker for this sort of figure!
I've been picking these up here and there when I see them. I took a pic of the figures I have at the moment. Also took a pic of the BAD parts that I have from the various waves. I'm not really interested in the current droid L8-L9 so I was hoping someone would be interested in trading with me. I need to finish the droids that are pictured below. I am most interested in finishing R4-J1, R4-D6 and 5D6-RA-7. The rest of the parts I am willing to trade. PM me if anyone is interested.

darth_sidious wrote:I think I just missed this wave today, I spotted a repacked space trooper and Han as stormtrooper - the first new Legacy figures I've seen on the new cards. The color coding on the cards really helps, or I might have otherwise not noticed these 2.

The color-coding really does help. What doesn't help, I am finding, is that retailers are over-stuffed with Clone Wars, and they don't have a system for the Legacy collection figures. Everything is crammed and terrible looking. A lot of retailers still have a TON of the older cards, which take up so much space.
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By Sylexus
YAK_Chewie wrote:Wow, by now I really thought this wave would be easier to find? What a letdown right now... I do have the wave, but I wouldn't mind picking up a few more Gungans if I could find them.


come to my area. Only figure from this wave ive seen yet are the gungans :P
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