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By jedistyle
i have a couple droids im planning on knoking out so this will fit right in! cool idea by the way...
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By YAK_Chewie
Feral CZ Droid - This CZ droid model is old but an effective killer. At one time he was a respected secretary for Ithorian diplomats on Coruscant. He once made a protocol error and referred to the Emperor as "Senator Palpatine" and was promptly discarded on the far side of the planet for this breach of etiquette. He later awoke with no memory of his past, and only had a desire to kill sentient beings, thus found himself aligned with a growing army of feral droids on Coruscant.


left hand wires - TAC Nelvan Anakin
rest - TAC CZ Droid

Feral Gonk Droid -This little guy has a grenade launcher mounted on his side. He has no memory of his past but enjoys sneaking up on unsuspecting beings salvaging for parts and blowing them to bits and pieces.


grenade launcher - greeblies/Clone Wars IG Droid head
rest - POTF Gonk

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By DanOfTheDead
I believe it is now officially "on".

Great start Chewie. Got something I've been planning and tinkering with for a while that should fit in quite nicely with this theme.
By Luke Sprywalker
I have 2 droids I made about a month ago that fit into this challenge nicely. I have never posted them here so can I include them in this Yakfinities?

Chewie, way to get the ball rolling. I love both of your entries. That is one wild color scheme on that CZ droid!
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By YAK_Chewie
Technically, they can be posted as reference material and not eligible for prizes, but would definitely be added to the roundup report. The only reason they wouldn't be eligible for prizes is then it would open the gate for people to post older work (even if not posted here) and take away the chance of winning a prize for someone who did make something all new for it. Hope that doesn't sound harsh or unfair... and I do hope you show these off - would love to see them as you know I'm a very big fan of your customs. :)

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By YAK_Chewie
Wow, those are amazing! Love the red one especially, with the IG legs and Concept Fett head... is that a torso from a HK droid? Awesome. That really looks sharp with that paint scheme too. Very nice weathering and coloring. The other one is no slouch either with the parts and paint scheme.

Please post those others once they're done, and they'll be eligible as they're "new."

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By darth_sidious
Heres my entry for the challenge - its slightly based off the doctor / medical droid from the lair of Grievous CW episode. In this case, its an older model medical droid that lost its database in a power surge and was no longer able to perform its medical tasks, so in an effort to once again be useful - this droid roams the underbelly of Coruscant dissecting humans and aliens alike in order to gain knowledge about physiology. When the power surge erased its medical database, it also purged its ethical subroutines - so the droid captures and kills every new species he comes in contact with.

By Luke Sprywalker
That is a great mix of parts to create your droid Darth Sidious. I see the fire speeder backpack, parts of the medical droid, but what else did you use to pull off this fine creation. Great job!
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