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Per our latest intercepted transmission, it appears Cad Bane's Xanadu Blood Starfighter from the animated series is slated for release this year.
yeah, this is what it looks like. It was in the episodes were he was sent to kidnap force sensitive chirldren

Interesting color scheme but now that I have the first magnaguard fighter I doubt I will get it, I am not much on repaints. If I didn't already have it though I would prefer this one.
The cockpit and fuselage look like an alien xenomorph.

Theres a jellyfish on the wing; sounds like Kirk. :lol:
YAK_Chewie wrote:
zedhatch wrote: If I didn't already have it though I would prefer this one.

I actually did pass on the first one; which is one of the very few items I have passed on. I'll probably get Bane's version... now they just need to make a better Cad Bane!


They are. Stay tuned 8)
Small preview image:

Today we've received a couple small preview pics of the Xanadu Blood and HMP (Heavy Missile Platform), two of the upcoming Clone Wars vehicles that we can expect to see at Toyfair next month. As you can see, the HMP looks pretty faithful to the ROTS deco, while Cad Bane's fighter looks to have more of a subdued color scheme when compared to the Titanium counterpart.

Thanks to our Yakora spy for his latest intel.
Xanadu Blood
xandu_blood.jpg (25.01 KiB) Viewed 3744 times
Picked up the Xanadu today, not much to say different from the last release other than the dirty paint job and worn off paint job make it look even better; miss this kind of paintjob so much een more since i also managed to get an Imperial V Wing at the same time that sorely needs dirt (still looks nice balck and white though). Also it looks really good with the deluxe Cad sitting in it, thought you have to put it really close to the light to see him through the blue tint window.
Is anyone seeing these state side?
I actually got this in my local Sci Fi shop for the mormal retail price, it's not on general retail here yet; just thought i'd mention that as with these waves still being rare all round. They had the Droid Gunship, would have snapped that up but they wanted more for it so i'll wait for general retail.

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