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501st: An Imperial Commando Novel

Author: Karen Traviss

Main Characters:

Omega Squad


Jusik – Healer Jedi/Mandalorian
Kal Skirata –

Storyline Summary

This novel takes place about 3 months after Order 66. Darman and Niner (who is now recovering from his spinal injury) are part of the Empire’s Imperial Commando Units. In fact, they’ve been made a part of Darth Vader’s personal guard, the 501st. Kal and his “sons” are trying to build new lives on Mandalore, but Kal is determined to pull out Darman and Niner.

Novel Review

I’ve loved just about everyone of these Commando books. Karen Traviss always had a great way of looking at the military life of a squad of troopers. She did so in very realistic ways, you mourned when a soldier was lost, you were happy when one survived.

This novel, while it continues to build on the personalities of all those we’ve met, lacks that adventure aspect in her other stories with these characters. There are a few combat sequences, but for the most part it feels to me like a Soldier on R&R type story. The action sequences that do exist are few and far between, and often times seem to be anti-climatic.

Sadly, this will probably be the last of the Omega Squad storyline novels. There seems to be some conflict involving this series, and the lifestyles of Mandalorians as depicted in The Clone Wars or elsewhere. It would be interesting to see what happens to Niner, Darman and the rest of the boys, but at this time it appears they’ll be permanently in limbo.

If you want to see what happens after Order 66, then you might want to pick this up. But I wouldn’t read it expecting any great revelations. It was just so-so in my opinon. Whether that’s because of all the controversy, or because Ms. Traviss had nowhere to go with the characters, I’m not sure. I was rather disappointed though with the outcome of this book. It just didn’t wrap up things to a satisfactory conclusion, at least not for me.
I really liked this book as a character noval its good to see the characters
lives expand out more . The pace of the book was really good . The first
noval in this series was very slow the rest of them have been the opposite .
You could tell Karen was useing this book to set the stage for the next book
to wrap everything up in one great big ending . Saddly thanks to politics
which always ruins a good thing , we will never see this series end .

Karen Traviss you will be missed by this fan , your work has been a great
addition to star wars EU , thank you for all your hard work . Mandalore will
never be the same without you to bring it to life .
Lt. Bryll, It was great for the character development, but when I looked at it from the point of view of the types of characters, there wasn't a lot of commandoes doing what commandoes do. Just a lot of sitting around, talking, cleaning weapons, things like that, at least in my thoughts. It would be kind of like a Jedi story, where the one lightsaber battle is when he was hunting a nerf. Enjoyable, but didn't live up to my expectations for the type of book, and the previous works.
I agree with your assessment of the crew kind of waiting around
on mandalore , but the tension was building with the possibility
of being found out by emperial spys or being turned in by someone
on mandalore . It was the same for Darmen once he found out
his child was alive . All in all alot of what if's tension building .

Not alot of action , Just alot of troubled minds .

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