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I was a little unsure on this one. I got that dark side anakin a few years back, but i thought he would look cool with the clonewar obiwan i have, Rotta is a great little exclusive, and i'm sure ahsoka is on the way with backpack. So yep just ordered it :)
By Eopie Herder
I was unsure on this one too, but realized the custom potential to make a better ROTS Anakin. So, my card is to be charged today! Hopefully he will ship by the end of the week.
By Eopie Herder
Alright, so Anakin came in and I am on the fence with him. The figure is okay overall, but Sideshow did something with him that they may have done before, and I just haven't gotten any but his head is molded in flesh and not painted flesh. It looks terrible, like a Mattel doll. And why do they hate Hayden so much? Both this (which I know is supposed to be a cross between him and the animation) and the ROTS have that terrible lipstick! No other figure I have gotten from them has this horrendous lip color. The plus side is the outfit is nice, except the crappy belt boxes that do not stay on worth a crap. The gloved right hand is a major improvement over the ROTS version, and having interchangeable right hands is awesome. (The main reason I got him...upgrade my ROTS Anakin to have a poseable right hand with an arm that doesn't fall off) The paint detail on his left gauntlet and chest armor is fantastic, looks really nice. The pleather tunic is cool too. The boots look to be the same as the previous version, but much softer. Now, on to the pics...






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By YAK_Jayson
Thanks for the review. Personally, I think this version of Anakin is really bad. A lot is lost in trying to bring this figure from the animated design to the realistic line. He's far too bulky and that head sculpt is just blech, at certain angles, he looks to be 20-30 lbs overweight. I'm really glad I didn't pick this up and I hope that if they do continue to create CW figures, they stay true to the source material and give us authentically styled products based on the 3D renders.
By Eopie Herder
I don't know, they did a great job with general Obi-Wan and Asajj Ventress, but this one did miss the mark. And i do think a lot has to do with the way it's not painted, as Trevor's headsculpt pictures look a lot better than what came out. I don't think I'm going to waste my time repainting the head, I just started sculpting a new one based on ROTS to fit the new bodies.
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By darthmadonna
I actually like this guy. The only thing that I would have liked to have seen is more detail in the costume. The chest shoulder plate thing should be separate pieces that can fan out for movement. Overall I thought it seemed to simple.

Also I can not remember for sure but I want to say Sideshow has stated they will not do these figures true to the animated style. They will only be realistic. I actually like this since Hasbro will not do realistic versions of Clone Wars.
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