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By master_phruby
Post your fodder needs here for the project. Maybe someone can help.
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By YAK_Chewie
Sorry that I have been behind on this... what are some fodder needs that you guys can think of? Right now mostly I am still thinking about the actual non-figure elements, but I am thinking the following figures might be very good for parts for this -





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By roron corobb
Okay, this is for the UGP, so I think it would fit here okay. Looking for someone that can cast me some parts of this creature I have. It doesn't have to be perfect, because I'm going to be customizing them. I have a few ideas I want to work with, but only have one of these figures, so that is why I'm asking. Would need about four or more of everything.

Picture of the parts:
The scale at the bottom is cm. I could trade or pay for the service and supplies. Let me know what you need or I can send you my trade list. Thanks you for looking.
roron corobb
By patreektherodian
Styrofoam and a case of Yo-Joe Cola :|:|:|
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By Fritzkrieg
Hey Guys. I have more Saw Viper Helmets to make more UGP Sec. Force Officers, but I'm a little short on Imperial Officer and AT-ST Driver Bodies

I need the Imperial Officers whom wear the Black Jump Suits or AT-ST Drivers whom use the same sculpt. Here is my Recipe:

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