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By Diddly
Mot mine sometime recently, as it was waiting for me when I came home for Spring Break. Not as exciting of a set as I thought it would be, but the Qui-Gon is pretty nice. I dig the soft goods outlander cloak
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By YAK_Jayson
Reminder: Today is the last official day for sending off for the TLC Qui-Gon/Eopie Mailaway Set
Thanks for the reminder but I am totally OK with the four that I ordered last year. I have to say though that this promo was great in terms of value, two great items for just the cost of shipping and handling.
This was supposed to be coming to TRU in the UK but not heard anything since it was anounced.
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By YAK_Chewie
Guess I'm not getting mine - I sent off for five of them. Then today, I received an envelope in the mail - with my check back for the figures for me. Here's the note that was enclosed:


The enclosed was found loose in the mail, unsealed, or has been damaged in handling in the Postal Service (whichever is applicable to the enclosure).

When a Post Office is responsible for handling in excess of a million pieces of mail daily, it is imperative that mechanical methods be used to maintain production and ensure timely delivery of the mails. Damage, however, may occur if mail is not sealed properly or bulky contents are enclosed. The faulty envelope may jam our machinery, causing damage to the faulty envelope and other property prepared mail as well. We are constantly striving to improve our processing methods to reduce the incidence of damage; however, due to the large volume of mail processed, incidents of damage will occasionally occur.

If the enclosed was damaged during handling, we extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

I guess I'm not getting my Eopie army now. This really pisses me off. The envelope even had extra tape closing the mailer.

Maybe if you email Hasbro and explain and show them the letter from the PO then they may make an exception.
Well i always you don't knwo unless you try and you never know you might get a nice customer services assistant or at least one in a good mood. :lol:
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By YAK_Chewie
Thanks buddy... that's a very nice gesture.

Ok! Here is my plan... I'm going to send in a letter to the Figure Redemption program, along with a letter of what happened. I'll also have the original STAMPED envelope that I got back from the post office, along with the note from the post office.

Then, I'll include the original check as well for the Eopie figures. I'll fill out a new order form for the Eopies and see what happens.

However, I'll ALSO have an order form filled out for the Nahdar Vebb redemtion as well. In the letter, I'll ask if they can make an exception with this being late and let me get the Eopies. If they can't do that, I'll ask for the Nahdar Vebb figures instead.

Think that might fly with Hasbro?

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