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By darth naes
Another member of the gang. Kariss Stol, aka-"Crystal", is a Qiraash who got caught up at a young age and ended up running with a bad crowd. Korr found her after a weapon deal that went sour and he killed her boss. Given the choice of join or die, Crystal joined. She is fiercely loyal and hates Azenna because she feels Azenna isn't worthy.

Basically just Leesub Sirln with a darker pink paint app.

Jacket and belt are from Storm from the MU Comic Pack.

Gloved hands are from Leia as Boushh
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DSCN1129.JPG (87.06 KiB) Viewed 1985 times
By hyperdrive
The original biker for my custom swoop was going to be a Leesub Sirln based figure as well. She looks very "space biker" even without the modifications that you made. Did you sand off her top-knot hair? The mullet is a great touch, nothin' says biker more than an intergalactic mullet. Also I like the way thqwt you joined the belts at the bottom of the jacket The blue markings on the jacket look spacey as well.
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By darth naes
I actually cut it off with my x-acto knife and then had to use sculpey to fix cause it didn't come out like I wanted it to. Can't take credit for the belt or blue on the jacket though. All I did was pull em off Storm and stick them on. I did paint the back of the jacket which you can see in the customs forum. Thanks for the comments though.
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By darth naes
A former Geonosis Jokers swoop biker gang member, Dane "Massiff" Leechamp, was sentenced to an Imperial prison for five years in connection with a murder. The sentence was commuted provided he worked for the Empire as a bounty hunter. He now tracks down biker gangs and tries to recruit/reform them for the Empire. He is currently looking for Korr and associates.

main figure-Undertaker with modded hair

glasses- Annika from Guru

Pouches and badge-random
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By Peakob1
Here are some samples of a unamed Weequay Pirate and monkey lizard i have been working on. I wanted him to feel like he came right out of the clone wars era.
By hyperdrive
Dane "Massiff" Leechamp, looks tremendous. I love the "DOG" the bounty hunter look that he has. I'm really loving the overall "scumbag" look that many of these customs have. This guy looks like a total badass. He looks like he can hold his own among the galaxies worst tough guy. Those small scale wrestling figures work well with the Star Wars universe figures. I was wondering if anybody would create a swoop rider from this fodder. Looks great.

The Weequay swoop rider and monkey lizard look great. They could easily have been taken right out of production photos of the clone wars. The colors that you chose work very well and the color and paint aps on the swoop itself look awesome. That Hondo Ohnaka head is a great choice for a swoop rider. What really stands out about your set however is the monkey lizard. He looks great. I love the colors that you chose. Great work creating this set.
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By Peakob1
Believe it or not I tried using a Honda but realized that only the glasses he wears are removable with a pair of needle nose. The turtle shell is actually a part of the head, I guess they didn't want anyone making additional weequays or I would have finished my guy with that head for sure.
It's actually a AK Rev head with the braids dremaled off and replaced with a Leia braid, i think ceremonial. Basically he is a realistic Turk Falso without the headband, instead I gave him goggles. Turk is the weequay that betrays Hondo. Every part of him comes from either a legacy figure or old potf2 parts. Kind of a frankenstien mashup.
thanks for all the kind compliments though. the monkey lizard is the original crumb with added features instead of a stale pose.
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By Darth_Cuddles
Wow, there's been some really cool entries posted since I last poked my head in here!

hyperdrive, I love yor Malakili custom, perfect for a Swoop rider, but that Swoop with the light up engine and flashlight is outstanding! Love the skull!

Sith'ari, fantastic Chiss female, you don't see too many of those around, and I love how you modified that Speeder Bike, looks awesome!

Delaton, I really like the new paintjob on the Swoop, and the added bags on the back! Your Jixx is great, one of my favorite charcters frome SOTE!

darth naes, some awesome new gang members from you, all with very cool backstories, but I really like "Massiff", who better to be an Imperial Bounty Hunter than a Dog-a-like!

Peakob1, very nice work on the Weequay, he does look very Clone Wars, but I like that you made him more realistic looking! The monkey lizard is awesome! I really love that paint job!
By Luke Sprywalker
Man this is one of the best Yakfinities ever! Great entries guys and multiples from some of you! I love all the latest entries they are all very inspiring. I hope to have a second entry tomorrow. Great work everyone!
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By Trooper31
Great work everybody. This is really a fun theme. I wanted to finish before Easter and I basically am, but I need to find some time to take some pictures. I'm really enjoying this subject and all fo your work.
By hyperdrive
That Devoronian biker looks awesome. I love the firefly goggles on him. The paintwork is great. Is that a G.I. Joe body? Cobra trooper? I don't recognize his chest and shoulder pieces. What's the source? I'd love to see a custom swoop to go along with that figure. Great work just the same.
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