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By Lance Quazar
^I agree!

Those were both AMAZING series that absolutely need to come back.

Ditto Diddly's TSR series....

Come on, folks! Don't leave us hanging!
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By BrentS
Darth Kikinou wrote:
I also very much enjoyed Brents's Duel of the Sith series.

C'mon guys, you've left us all hanging here!! :)

Thanks for thinking about me. I'm just getting my feet wet with customizing again. The plan to resume and complete the Duel of the Sith is forming. The execution of the plan is still nebulous.
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By Lance Quazar
Please, please, PLEASE!!!

Come on, Yakkers, let's try to breathe some life back into this old forum.

Personally, I have been MIA for almost the past two months and I am just now getting caught up with some old chapters.

So I certainly understand that life intrudes and makes it hard for us to get here and post.

But Raziel's absolutely amazing "Black Illusion" photonovel has just come to a thrilling conclusion. I implore everyone here to check out and COMMENT on the finale and on the few chapters preceeding it, both of which have only a very, very scant number of comments.

We need to keep this place vital and exciting. So let's get to it, folks!
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By Lance Quazar
I think you're in the wrong thread, Chewie! :)
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By Lance Quazar
Ah. I misunderstood. The pics from my site are showing only as angelfire logos - they have very limited bandwith, so hotlinking pics usually only works for, like, 2 minutes....

Here's the problem i see with the old Interactive Story:

1) Upkeep - It became very difficult for me to keep churning out new chapters in a timely manner. For a little while, I was able to get one up roughly every 7 to 10 days. But anything slower than that and you risk losing people's attention and interest.

The nature of that story makes it especially hard. It is a mystery story at present, with your character trying to solve various complicated problems. So if players don't remember all the small details, then it becomes harder to make real progress.

Therefore, it's really important to keep the pace of the game going and that just isn't possible for me to do.

If I were able to post only one chapter a month, it would be difficult to keep up the same level of involvement from players.

To say nothing of the fact that the game moves very slowly, even at best. The total amount of chapters probably adds up to only an hour or two of actual "time" in the character's life. and that was months of work from me and the players. The story I created for that PN is perhaps too complicated to tell in that fashion.

It might have been wiser to go with something simpler and possibly more action oriented instead of a mystery. I'm not sure.

2) The second major problem (whew, the first was a big one!!) is that so much time has already passed since the game went on hiatus that I can't imagine who is left in the forums from the original gang.

It might be hard for new players to jump in not knowing the story's history.

Anyway, I really love the idea, I love that specific story and I LOVED the amazing feedback from the players. But I can't really see a practical way to keep the game going and maintain quality.

Even though I often cut corners with production, I still think I did an okay job and making PN's is just so damn time consuming that to do one of those a week or even every two weeks is just very hard (even though the individual chapters aren't very large.)

I just don't know....if I could come up with some way to crank these out faster and more easily, I would love to do it....but at this point, I just don't know.

Additionally, the forums here have been a little slow lately. I wish there were more people actively posting and replying in all the great PN's we currently have.

I am not sure I would want to make that kind of big commitment without knowing that there would be enough participation to make it worthwhile for everyone.
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By Darth Depressis
wow, here we are. less than a year later..and i must say this forum is also on life support.

lets see:

rebelscum= commando danny is attempting to revive this frowned upon art.

jedidefender= danny and i are the first updates since mid march and before then it was Nirvana,chewie,& Drakkar back in February to post.

no sense in mentioning coreplanets and sith empire. or njoe(i will let it be known that they appear to love my EU customs, but no photo-novel love.)

yakface= lets face it this place had might as well be called enloeface. danny and i have just updated the pn section, and i'll bet dollers to pesos that in three monthes time enloe's face will still be gracing the newly created "updated pn icon".
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By YAK_Chewie
You sound a bit bitter Darth Depressis... I can understand your frustration around the community because a lot of work goes into these by a select few people around the forums.

Regarding Enloe getting a spotlight regarding the photonovels, Rykrof Enloe photonovels have been a front page feature here at Yak for about two years now, when I became a staff member around here... and as long as I'm part of the staff, and able to continue somewhat steady updates with enough interest from readers, the feature will most likely stay.

From what I've seen, we've done far more than the other sites since I've been a staff member to promote this aspect of the hobby, including customizing (Yakfinities, Customizer Spotlights, etc.). It's definitely not for everyone though, and the audience for these is kind of small, so I'm sure that's why not more sites promote them (plus you also get forum members who then complain that their work isn't getting spotlighted - whether it be photonovels, dioramas or customs - trust me, as a staff member sometimes it becomes more of a headache than it's worth - once you spotlight one person's work, you feel as though you have to do it for everyone - and that's tough because take a look around the work at - it's not like every single member's work around there or even in the forums here can warrant a front page spotlight, though I wish we could spotlight them all - but above all, Yakface is not a customizing site).

Once the forum stability gets back on track though (we've going through a server upgrade), the front page customizer related updates will start back up on a more regular basis again, but right now we don't want to link to someone's work when there's a chance the forum will pop up as "page unavailable."

Everyone does a lot of fun work around here though, and I agree that it would be nice to see more people comment on the hard work. But, you can't force people to. I'd just suggest though for anyone wanting more feedback on their own work, to take the time to show that courtesty to everyone else as well.

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By Niktom
Darth Depressis wrote:wow, here we are. less than a year later..and i must say this forum is also on life support.

I think a lot of folks have fallen prey to real life. I know it's gotten the best of me in the past 6 months. There have been many cases over the past 3 months that my daily posts at the Pub have been shot and edited an hour before posting.

Any who...

I was digging through the novels and found my Tyson-Coy Adventure! Man, I let that die way too quick. Now that I can shoot more than one set at a time, I'm getting ready to bring him back.

Oh yea, guess it wouldn't hurt for me to work on updating the Photo Novel Index... geez I'm such a slacker.

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