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By Paulskywalker
New rumors have popped up regarding another round of the Order 66 sets for 2008. have a report on a new wave of these two-packs for 2008. The list is:

Obi-Wan & ARC Trooper Commander

Anakin & ARC Trooper

Master Tsui Choi & Barc Trooper

Palpatine & Commander Vill

Luminara Unduli & AT-RT Driver

Master Sev & Yellow ARC Trooper

If this indeed turns out to be true, then these might follow the same pattern of a repainted clone with a repacked Jedi, but as you can see, there are a few new names listed above that breaks the pattern.

I knew who all of them were except for Sev and the Yellow Arc, but found a picture.


By CloneTrooperJR
Interesting... Something strikes me about the report... But continue... No, it's not the accuracy about the report (well, it kinda is), but something seems wrong with the selection)

Commander Vill, Pretty Much Commander Bow without the Visor

Anakin's ARCs in the Battle of Kamino. Slight change from the Comic Pack's

Tsui Choi's Yellow Barcs. This will actually need a torso retooling - which we'll talk about later

Sev and the Yellow Arc Trooper

Okay - now lets see the troubles
ARC COMMANDER iis the Yellow Arc - But doesn't Sev have him? Unless it's the Red Arc, in which Obi-Wan DIDN"T Command... So did he get another Blue Arc?

With 3 ARCs - I'd imagine one to be Blue, Red, and the final Yellow to finish off the 4 other colours... But problem...
* White—standard.
* Green—Sergeant.
* Blue—lieutenant.
* Red—captain.
* Yellow—commander.

And the AT-RT Driver? Luminara was there at Kashyyk, and have we not already got the AT-RT Driver? :wink:
By Rune Haako
These better not be exclusives!
By CloneTrooperJR
Think about last time's poor sales - Because you guys forced it into clearence... Do you think that's going to warrant a mass retail? No...
By Rune Haako
Well I hope they're not a Target exclusive, Wal-Mart or don't bother releasing them.
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By raziel
8) great info gathering Paul buddy - thanks for the pics!
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By Commander_Gray
Sounds Cool if it is true. I will get them 8)
By CloneTrooperJR

Thats Anakin's Clone. Alpha - 17 or A-17. That shown above is it's phase 2 armour. It can be an easy repaint with the Evo Felucia Trooper.

This clone is suppose to have a bond with Anakin. :D

But that's not all. Recently the DPCI number for last year's Order 66 2-packs re-emerged in Target's computer system. The number is 087-06-0884. The order is said to be "quite large" for these items, and it seems the concept of the Order 66 2-packs didn't go over so badly with the fine folks at Target!

While this doesn't confirm the rumor list of the new Order 66 2-packs, it certainly adds to the mystery a bit! More 2-packs? Possibly with new figures? Perhaps this is all part of a large Clone Wars blitz for next year, but until things become more clear it's all just speculation.

Till then though, jot down that DPCI and enjoy the speculation! And as always, thanks goes out to our Anonymous Target Source for the tip on this timely news.
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By Gorkoracing
CloneTrooperJR wrote:Interesting... Something strikes me about the report... But continue... No, it's not the accuracy about the report (well, it kinda is), but something seems wrong with the selection)

His source gave him that list and the source works for hasbro. He's been right on many things in the past that hes predicted with the help of his source as well.
By CloneTrooperJR
No, it's not that... It's something else. I think he got himself jumbled... More of that later... (If I have time)
By StarWarsSince78
Wait... I always thought the DCPI was for the reproduction... If it's a new it should be having a different typed int. ordering code... Hmm :shock:
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By Paulskywalker


Here's the translation i got:

The order 66 2-Packs, that were announced last month by the sites, will appear. Here the first picture is of Commander Vill, that will appear with an Emperor Palpatine figure. The figure is in the reason a Repaint. Only the T30AC Stormtrooper head is new. Why Hasbro decided on this head, although in the comic strip Vills head is to be seen, a riddle is first of all. Were the scars in Vills face if possible for that decisive?
By CloneTrooperJR
Oh dang it... They screwed this Clone out... Big time. Wrong Custom Rifle, He had a darker blue compared to troops, and his face :(
By CloneTrooperJR
This commander was stationed at Ragmar V. He was the one whom executed Jedi Master Sev. He appeared in Clone Wars Adventure comic - Volume Five.

An image of the Arc can be found -

As you can see, instead of blue - it should hav been black. His helmet should not have had ANY yellow stripe, Intead of a ARC Blaster Rifle, he should have a normal DC-15

Hasbro - Another failed clone :roll:
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