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Collectors versus Cancer

2010 Custom Charity Challenge & Contest


The Challenge: To customize any droid from the Star Wars Universe with a pink theme. While pink is primarily associated with the battle against breast cancer, we are going with a pink theme to show our support in the fight against all cancer.

The Contest: To enter, you agree to donate your finished custom. These customs will be sold on ebay with all money going to the American Cancer Society via The customs will be mailed to myself once you have completed them to avoid any confusion, and I will run the auctions. PM me for shipping details once you have completed a custom and submitted an image in this thread.

As stated above, to enter the contest you must agree to donate your custom toward a series of auctions on ebay. I have a account which guarantees that all money will go directly to the American Cancer Society.

The contestant(s) of the custom(s) that receive the highest winning bid on ebay will receive a specific prize and will be the 2009 Custom Charity Challenge & Contest winner.

- Please be aware that the purpose of this contest is to raise awareness and to generate a little money for the American Cancer Society. The prizes will be modest.Bare in mind this is a charity contest. We can't reimburse the postage for mailing your custom to us. Keep this in mind before entering the contest.

- This post was to announce intention and rules of the contest. Dates, deadlines, and prizes will be announced during the week. The deadline for entering the contest is Sunday, February 28. More details to come.

- Feel free to ask myself or Chewie any questions.

Thanks in advance and I hope this is of interest to you guys!
Sounds great Binks, here is my first entry (hope to have a second one), which is a medical droid. I made this a few weeks back in anticipation of this. I fully intend on making something else for this great cause as cancer has struck my family very hard in the past and this hits me close to home.

2-1A - This Medical Droid aided the Rebellion during the early days of the Galactic Civil War.




Please feel free to use these pics for the ebay auction, or take pics yourself once I get it mailed to you. I'll probably be able to ship it to you by this coming weekend.

This is awesome, My wife's Aunt died last year from Cancer, my Mom was also diagnosed with breast cancer, and just a couple months ago my Bro-in-law's fiance's Mom passed from Lung Cancer... it seems like more and more every year it takes someone we know and love, so I'm game. I don't even want to be part of the prize part, I'd just like to participate.
A very good cause indeed, I'll mix up some reds with some whites and get painting. A prize is always nice, but in this case of minor importance considering the nature of this contest. Like Joe, I'll also respectfully decline any prize I should win :)

@Chewie: where'd you get that nifty Tantive IV background, buddy!?
The background is courtesy of an amazing diorama made by none other than (who doesn't take commissions anymore) - he made a Tantive IV diorama a while back for another collector. That collector later decided to part with it and was kind enough to approach me about it to see if I was interested, and I was able to acquire it. It's a great piece for sure - I need to use it more for photo shoots of customs.

Wow, I really appreciate everyone jumping on board. This is really great. Even though we are very early into this, I want to thank everyone on the Yakface Forum staff for all their help. I also want to thank everyone who has posted and showed interest in this campaign. I plan to post more details and announce some of the prizes over the weekend. I love everyone attitude regarding the prizes. I was a little concerned initially because the prizes are going to be modest. It's all about the cause. Suffice to say, those concerns were put to rest after reading the posts in this thread.
This is a great cause and a great challenge.

The thing that sticks out to me is that background. I think I've seen that diorama Owen built you, but it's even more impressive after nearly forgetting about it!
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