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By DarthEddie
I'm tempted to spring for the Trooper and BARC Speeder because I've always been fond of Republic and Imperial speeder bikes. Sure the helmet is a smidge too big and the head's a fraction too small, but the new 2012 Darth Maul packaging scheme looks so awesome, especially as a window box. We'll see. I haven't spotted this thing at retail yet and it might be a little while longer before I do.
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By DarthEddie
Since we're talking about vehicles in small window boxes, I noticed that the price of the TRU-exclusive Yavin Technician with Cart went up a dollar from $17.99 to $18.99 a pop. Not only was it *not* marked down right after Christmas and New Year's but it went up in price about 6%. That figures. :lol:
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By DarthEddie
I'm strongly debating it, even at the new higher price. We'll see if I can find any more 2012 figures first. If I can't score any more for a little while I might grab the Yavin Cart just to have something relatively new.
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By Orangepeace
YAK_Chewie wrote:Just when Hasbro has a chance to finally give us a good helmet for phase 2 removable helmet clones...


Over-sized again... I guess there's no reason to be surprised.



I really thought this was going to be a new Phase II helmet. Image
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By YAK_Chewie
Yep - what a letdown... especially when you consider that these are being listed for $19.99... that is a ripoff for repacks. Remember when we got five figures for that price in a Battle Pack just a few years ago? If these were all new mini rigs with new figures, then I could stomach it... but this is just sad... nothing is really new at all with these!


Thanks to combajedi for pointing out that TRU has these listed... they also show them as "in-stock" and ready to ship... maybe TRU will break the street date and get this stuff out as soon as they can. If they do, who can blame them?

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By DarthEddie
I've reconsidered these new mini-vehicles. I'm skipping all four. They cost way too much at $19.99 a pop, and after I spent so long avoiding the TRU-exclusive Yavin Tech with Cart because he was $17.99 it'd make no sense for me to buy one or more of these things, especially since I already own two 3-3/4" scale Sith Speeders from past releases, two STAPs with Droids and a couple of BARC Speeder Bikes. Aside from the packaging there's just nothing in these for me, and I'm not spending twenty bucks or more on a cool box.

Sorry. Hasbro can keep these. :roll:
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By DarthEddie
The Naboo Royal Ship is the only one of those vehicles I don't already have, and it just isn't worth getting for that price. Hasbro is overcharging by a country mile for these sets and they probably know it. If the sets were under fifteen bucks a pop I might bite on the Naboo Ship and Obi-Wan...but for twenty and up with tax it's no longer a proposition for me.
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By DarthEddie
The pictures of the Wave 2 vehicles seem to have been pulled for some reason. Refresh my memory...which vehicles are supposed to be in Wave 2 again? You mentioned at least SOME new product. I think it'd be cool if other Prequel and OT vehicles like the Count Dooku Swoop Bike and the JEDI Speeder Bike were retouched, updated and put out again with really good figures of Dooku and the Biker Scout(with green foliage stains and dirt apps).
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By YAK_Jayson
There hasn't been images released for these yet. Scroll down at the above link to see (or at least read) what is in wave 2.

This Wave 2 case sports 4 individually packaged sets (subject to change):
1x Republic Sub with SCUBA Clone Trooper
1x Sith Speeder with Darth Maul (Phantom Menace)
1x Naboo Royal Fighter with Obi-Wan Kenobi
1x Republic Recon Fighter with Anakin Skywalker
(subject to change)
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