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By StooperZero
piles of 3.75 stuff/vehicles.

The BB-8 playest is huge , but not $180 huge.

Only 6" to be seen were oodles of Vaders.

Hasbro logic was in full effect though, About a 5:1 ratio of force link wrist thingies compared to actual figures. These things are doomed to be clearenced .
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By Jodo
Went to two more Walmarts today with my sister. Both had the isle displays, a case of each assortment, and a case of two-packs. I still haven't seen one vehicle though. I'll probably just order the A-Wing on Amazon now. :roll:
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By Raylen
Went to Walmart only for the fact that they MIGHT get their exclusive SA figures, otherwise I would have gone anywhere else. Didn't get them (no surprise). They got about three cases of the 6" Thrawn wave. Just one case of the 5 POA figures. Couple vehicles (no Awing) and the Rathar and Probe Droid sets. Picked up Hera, Thrawn, and the Probe droid.

Reviews: Just opened them.

*Sigh*. Would be nice if Hera could actually hold her own blaster. How freakin hard is this?! Feels like 1978 all over again.

Paint at knees kinda sloppy. One leg seems slightly taller.

Probe Droid
The Probe droid is superior to the POTF2 version. It is not however, better than the custom POTF2 version I made. The legs are so close to the body's center, they literally rub against it. Seriously?!!! The stand could also benefit from being maybe half an inch taller. The missile it has is hidden well. In fact, its hidden in the box a little too well. I had to really hunt for it thinking it was missing. It was slotted in the back corner of the box. I can guarantee that some people are going to accidentally throw it out with the box. While I have lots of gripes with this, if you only have the POTF2 one, get this one cause its much better. It just really peeves me when I see a product that has elements that could EASILY have been fixed or improved simply by rubbing a couple brain cells together for a sec.
By trs55
walmarts should be getting their 6 inch stock tonight. but only a case per store. 3 walmarts- 1 case of 6 inch wv 1 at each store. 1 case each of the luke, 1st order executioner, praetorian guard, and rose. 2 stores had 1 case of the lando wave. so for 3 stores, I got 3 cases of wv 1 6 inch, 2 cases of the lando wave, and 3 cases of the walmart exclusive black series 3.75.
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By Jodo
GrandMoffHux14 wrote:Well, here's my Haul, Couldn't get Luke in time and I was 8th in line...Out of 30-40 people. :roll: BTW, the A-wing is awesome.

Nice haul man!!!

Apparently everyone really liked the A-Wing so far! I'm looking forward to finding/ordering mine! :lol:
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By Imaculata
StooperZero wrote:Just as lame as it looks in the pictures on line.

I could see $100 for something like this but not for what they're asking.

Thats a bummer.

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